Save months of due diligence and avoid investing in low probability strategies with ProcureScore.

An Introduction to ProcureScore

You spend a significant percentage of your revenue with third party suppliers, but are you maximizing the value of that investment?

Is there an opportunity for you to reduce cost, mitigate risks and access supplier innovation by levering as-a-service, strategic procurement outsourcing?

To find out, order your customized ProcureScore Report today.

Your ProcureScore report will show:

Whether or not you should invest in further due diligence around procurement outsourcing.

Your readiness by critical success factor.

The risks that need to be addressed and mitigated for procurement outsourcing to be a success.

The delivery models that are most appropriate for your situation.

An estimation of the size of your opportunity.

Your ProcureScore will provide months of due diligence with just an hour of your time.


Critical Success Factors


Data Points Assessed


Day Lead Time

The Assessment Process

Step 1:

The first step is the interview. Our consultant will spend time with you to understand your current situation, and ask some very specific questions that are proven to indicate your readiness for procurement outsourcing.

Step 2:

The ProcureChange consultant will generate your ProcureScore report, using our proprietary algorithm that assesses 84 data points across 8 critical success factors.  Your consultant will combine the data driven results with his/her experience based insights to provide a summary of the opportunities and risks that are unique to your specific situation.

Step 3:

Our consultant will present the results and recommendations back to your leadership team, and will be available to answer any questions that you may have.


Your ProcureScore rates how ready you are to lever as-a-service procurement outsourcing.

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