Learn how to lever outsourcing to elevate your procurement returns with the Procurement Outsourcing Basics course

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Procurement Outsourcing Basics is a 12 module course that our Founder, Philip Ideson, built and hosted with over 2 hours of video and audio material, along with PDF guides and additional helpful links.

By completing the course, you will learn how to lever outsourcing to elevate the role of procurement within your organization, increase your procurement efficiency, transform the value gained from your supplier relationships and minimize risk across your supply base.

An introduction to procurement outsourcing.

Learn how to identify if procurement outsourcing is for you.

Discover the factors that determine if your program is built to succeed.

Understand the key drivers of post launch ROI.

Learn why outsourced programs sometimes do not achieve the expected returns.

Procurement Outsourcing Basics is currently available free of charge, by using the discount code “PROCURECHANGE” at checkout, a saving of $799!

To access procurement outsourcing basics, go to pobasics.com