Identify immediate actions you can take to increase the ROI of your outsourced procurement program with ProcureCheck.

An Introduction to ProcureCheck

You invest a significant amount in your outsourced procurement program each year, but how do you know that you are maximizing the value of that investment?

Should you be driving more value from your program, or are you maximizing its return already?  Is there a business case for restructuring to enable a focus on higher impact strategies?

To find out, order your customized ProcureCheck report today.

Insights that your ProcureCheck report will show include:

What is the internal perception on the state of your program?

What is the health of your program as measured against 15 key success factors.

Is your program likely to meet its long term business case?

What risks must be addressed that will impact the short and long term ROI of your program?

What strategies and actions should you pursue that will increase the ROI of your program?

How should you prioritize the actions that are necessary to drive your program forward?

Should you consider alternative delivery models or a program restructure to increase your ROI?

Your ProcureCheck report will become a key component of your program governance and strategy setting, enabling you to focus on the opportunities and actions that will drive the greatest return on your procurement outsourcing investment.


Success Factors Considered


Data Points Assessed

Combine ProcureCheck with our Governance Retainer to maximize your return on investment

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