We help you lever outsourcing and the as-a-service economy to make procurement a competitive advantage

Make this paradigm shift work for you

Achieve more value from your third party supplier relationships.

Increase margins and cash available for reinvestment by reducing purchased costs.

Manage and mitigate risk across your supply base.

Lever a flexible and scalable organizational design.

Access expertise previously out of reach or difficult to hire.

Our advisory services are with you at every step of your journey:

What Solution Would Maximize My Procurement ROI?
Who Should I Source And How Do I Ensure We Are Aligned?
How Do I Ensure My Investment Delivers The Anticipated Results?

Our ProcureScore product takes a scientific approach to determining if outsourcing is right for your company…

ProcureScore recommends whether or not your company should be investing further due diligence in exploring strategic procurement outsourcing, and answers the following questions in under 5 days:

What is my readiness by critical success factor?

What risks do I need to mitigate during solution design and contracting?

Which delivery models should I be considering?

What is the size of my opportunity?

…while ProcureCheck combines data and experience to identify actions you can take today to increase the ROI of your outsourced program.

ProcureCheck assesses the current state of your outsourced procurement program to provide the following actionable insights:

Is my program likely to meet it’s long term business case?

Should I consider restructuring my program?

How does my program measure against the key critical success factors, and where do I need to prioritize corrective actions?

What strategies and actions can I take immediately to increase the ROI of my program?