Now Available: Procurement Outsourcing Basics Course

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Procurement Outsourcing Basics course!

Procurement Outsourcing Basics is a 12 module course with over 2 hours of video and 2 hours of audio material, along with PDF guides and additional helpful links.  It is hosted by Philip Ideson, Founder and Principal Consultant of ProcureChange.

By completing the course, you will learn how to lever procurement outsourcing to elevate the role of procurement within your organization, increase your procurement efficiency, transform the value gained from your supplier relationships and minimize risk across your supply base.

We intend to eventually charge for the Procurement Outsourcing Basics course.  However, for version 1.0, we are currently offering Procurement Outsourcing Basics FREE of charge. You can register for the course at, and use the discount code “PROCURECHANGE”.

As you take the course, if you have any feedback please drop us a line and let us know.  This feedback will be very valuable to us, and we will take it into account as we begin to plan version 2 of Procurement Outsourcing Basics.

In return for free access to the course, we ask one thing: please share with colleagues and peers if you find it useful.  This will help us gauge if the demand exists for a version 2!

We hope you enjoy the course!


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