Introducing ProcureChange: Helping Companies Benefit from the Democratization of Strategic Procurement

I am very excited to announce the launch of ProcureChange!  ProcureChange will help companies make procurement a competitive advantage by levering knowledge based procurement as-a-service and procurement outsourcing delivery models.

I am passionate about the value that procurement can deliver.  I strongly believe that we are at an inflection point in the way that organizations will access procurement subject matter expertise, market intelligence and enabling technology.  This perspective is based on 15-years of procurement leadership experience which includes the buying and delivering of outsourced procurement programs.

Procurement as-a-service is the wrapper that combines the next generation of outsourcing and temporary labor delivery models.  It will democratize strategic procurement. Companies of all sizes will now be able to realize the benefits of best-in-class procurement, regardless of their scale.  For midsize companies, it will be transformational.

With great opportunity comes complexity.  Success is heavily dependent on the nuances of scoping and building a program in a way that meets the individual needs of each company. Small, seemingly immaterial decisions often have long term compound effects on program ROI.  As a result, there is a fine line between a successful program, and one that does not meet expectations.  This is why I started ProcureChange.

Our mission at ProcureChange is to help those that can benefit from this paradigm shift maximize the value of their investment, while steering others who may not be ready to alternate delivery models.  We will do this in the three following ways:

Through data driven due diligence and program health products:

Today we also launch two cornerstone products. These take a scientific approach to identifying actionable insights that help maximize the ROI of procurement as-a-service and procurement outsourcing programs:

  • ProcureScore recommends whether or not a company should be pursuing procurement as-a-service or procurement outsourcing. This takes into account their current situation as measured against a number of outsourcing critical success factors. ProcureScore does this in just 5 days, which significantly reduces the amount of internal resources that a company must dedicate to initial due diligence.
  • ProcureCheck assesses the current health status of an existing outsourced procurement program, based on its current status and future prospects as measured against 15 critical success factors. ProcureCheck recommends a list of prioritized actions that a company can take to immediately increase the ROI of their program, both short and long term.  ProcureCheck also determines if a program redesign may be ultimately necessary to meet the business case and maximize ROI.

With advisory services covering the entire procurement outsourcing program lifecycle:

ProcureChange is the trusted advisor that a company needs to maximize their investment in procurement as-a-service and procurement outsourcing.  We help companies at all stages of the program lifecycle, from initial due diligence to ongoing governance – and everything in-between.  We separate these into four activities:

  • Assess: Undertake opportunity and needs assessments to determine if procurement as-a-service or procurement outsourcing is a good fit.
  • Design: Develop a solution framework that will maximize the ROI of an outsourced program, taking into account client needs and expectations.
  • Build: Select a supplier partner, and ensure that motivations and behaviors are aligned through pricing, metrics and contracts. We also partner will both our client and their chosen supplier partner to ensure the program is launched in a way that maximizes the chances of success.
  • Govern: Provide ongoing oversight and recommend actions that can be taken through governance to increase the value derived from the outsourced program.

By providing actionable content to increase awareness of the procurement value proposition

Sharing our insights and experiences to as broad an audience as possible is a key component of the ProcureChange mission.  We want to play an active role in elevating the procurement function, and the creation of actionable content will be a key tool for us in doing this.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of three content channels:

  • ProcureChange Blog: Our blog will be the go-to location where we consolidate all of our published content.  Plus, we will regularly post original thoughts and perspectives from the ProcureChange team.
  • Procurement Outsourcing Basics Course: Procurement Outsourcing Basics is a 12-module, 2-hour video and audio course that teaches participants how to lever outsourcing to elevate the role of procurement.  To celebrate the launch of ProcureChange, Procurement Outsourcing Basics is currently available free of charge!  Click here to register.
  • Procurement Answers Video and Podcast: Procurement Answers is a bite-size video and podcast series where the ProcureChange team answers procurement questions from viewers and listeners. Questions may be submitted by emailing

Today is an exciting day for the team that has made ProcureChange possible. To learn how ProcureChange can help your company, or if you have any questions, please email or tweet us @procurechangeHQ.



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