Who Should I Partner With and How Do I Ensure We Are Aligned?

We navigate the supplier marketplace for you.

You have a business case that will provide an attractive ROI, and you are ready to go to market.  However, where do you start?  The procurement outsourcing market is maturing, and there are a plethora of options to choose from.  Do you select the celebrated market leader, or would a smaller regional firm be a better fit?  Do you need a provider that has services covering the entire procurement outsourcing value chain, or a niche provider who is an expert in their field?  Should you be considering an outsourcing firm at all, or would levering temporary labor be more appropriate?

By tapping into our detailed knowledge of the procurement outsourcing marketplace, we work with you to identify the service provider that is best positioned to execute on your required solution, and that has the culture and business goals that align with your own, ensuring a partnership of equals.

Ensuring that your contract aligns with your expectations and drives the motivations and behaviors that will lead to the long term success of the program is as important as selecting the right partner.  We work with all parties to ensure that the final contract maximizes your chances of success, and is fairly balanced between you and your service provider.



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