Can My Company Benefit from Procurement Outsourcing?

A complex answer to a simple question.

Executed correctly, companies that lever strategic procurement outsourcing as part of their organizational design reap tremendous benefits. However, it is not for everybody.

Outsourced procurement programs that fail are typically doomed from the start.  Just one question has a fundamental influence on the life of a program: is Procurement Outsourcing a fit for me?

The answer is complex, and is not readily obvious.  Companies must consider their culture, scale, stakeholder engagement and their willingness to champion change.

As part of our Assess phase, we work with clients to determine whether an opportunity exists for them to benefit from the paradigm change that is as-a-service procurement outsourcing. We do this in two key ways:

For companies early in their journey, our ProcureScore product is a data-driven assessment that measures a client’s procurement outsourcing readiness in just five days.

For clients ready to invest in further due diligence, the ProcureChange Needs Assessment provides an in-depth opportunity analysis and business case that forms the foundation of their solution design.

If you are ready to consider if procurement outsourcing could be a fit for you, contact us today for a confidential conversation.



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