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Thank you for accepting my invite to be interviewed on the Art of Procurement Show.

Please select a date and time to confirm your booking using the form to the right. Time slots are available in 1 hr increments. However, the show should take no more than 45 minutes to record.

If there are no time slots that match with your availability (for example due to time zones), please email me at and we will find a time that better meets your schedule.

Philip Ideson

About the Show

I passionately believe in the value that procurement can deliver.

Unfortunately, our stakeholders and executives do not always agree.  They may have had bad experiences in the past, or believe that they can buy better.  As a result, we spend so much of our time as procurement professionals trying to convince others of our value.

Our greatest challenge is to become – or remain – relevant to our organizations.

Relevancy gives us the platform we need to show that there is far more to our profession that sending out RFP’s or squeezing the last margin point out of our suppliers.  However our path to relevancy is not an easy one.  It requires an ever changing skill set to support an evolving value proposition. New delivery models are changing the face of how organizations are accessing procurement people, services and technology.  The future of procurement is upon us, and it may look very different from what we are used to.

How do we evolve to elevate procurement in these times of profound change?

It was this quest for knowledge that was the inspiration for The Art of Procurement.

The Art of Procurement podcast was founded with a simple mission: to help elevate the procurement profession through access to actionable insights and an overview of the trends, products and services that are set to transform the procurement value proposition.

Join Me on the Art of Procurement

If you have a procurement perspective to share, or know of someone who does, I would love to hear from you.  Please email me at

Preparing for the Show


The targeted length of each show is around 30 minutes, and the total time on the phone should be no more than 45 minutes.

Show format:

Broadly speaking, the first part of the show will be biographical, with the second part focusing on the show subject matter.

Technical recording:

Recordings are made via Skype and Uber Conference to ensure two audio files exist. You will receive a meeting notice confirming the dial-in details.

Tips to Maximize Audio Quality:

Audio quality is of paramount important so that the show does not sound like a phone conversation, or an AM radio station.  The following tips will help increase the quality of the show’s audio:

  1. The best audio quality is achieved by using a microphone.  This can be a standalone mic, or connected to a headset.  Please let me know if you are not able to use a mic / headset in advance.  Using an online connection is preferred over using a landline /  cell phone.
  2. Use headphones or earbuds so that the audio does not  interfere with the microphone.
  3. When using a computer, utilize a hard wired connection into the network rather than wifi, if possible.
  4. Turn off all handsets and programs that have noise notifications (e.g. cell phones, email).
  5. Close all unnecessary programs on your computer to reduce the load on your network.
  6. If using a computer, ensure that Uber Conference / Skype is using the correct audio device (e.g. microphone / headset) rather than the default setting which is typically the built-in mic.

Show Publication:

The show will be distributed using podcast platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher. It will also be hosted on a dedicated page on the Art of Procurement website, where it will be accompanied by show notes, links related to issues discussed in the show, and any bonus content provided by the interviewee.


After show promotion will be performed using various mediums such as blog posts and social media.