Our clients partner with us because they want to lever knowledge based outsourcing to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their investment in procurement. We help them achieve their goal.

Hi there. I’m Philip Ideson, Founder of ProcureChange.

I strongly believe that knowledge based outsourcing and the as-a-service economy are going to fundamentally change organizational design.

What does that mean in real terms? It means that companies can now access the subject matter expertise, data and technology that they need to drive their businesses forward – all on an as needed basis.

For the biggest companies that already have scale, this brings flexibility, scalability, the ability to quickly fill knowledge gaps, and the option of outsourcing non-core activities.

For mid-sized companies it is transformational. They now have access to talent, knowledge and expertise that was previously out of reach. It’s a Procurement Revolution.

ProcureChange helps clients achieve value through their procurement organization by levering knowledge based outsourcing and the as-a-service economy.

We do this through a mix of data driven products, traditional project-based consulting, and a governance retainer program – all built and delivered by procurement, and procurement outsourcing, experts.

We help companies whether they are looking to make incremental change – plugging a gap in their existing team – or broader transformational change.

As you work with ProcureChange, you can be sure that we will offer independent, experienced based insights to help you maximize the value of your investment in procurement.

On behalf of the ProcureChange team, I am looking forward to helping you make procurement a competitive advantage.

Best Wishes,

Philip Ideson. Founder, ProcureChange.


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