Clients work with ProcureChange when they have operational challenges that can be solved by strategic procurement.

  • How can I elevate procurement within my organization so that they are able to reduce my third party operational expenses?
  • I am interested in using an outsourced model to build my procurement capability. Where do I start?
  • How can I build stronger relationships with my supply base without my costs getting out of control?
  • How can I increase the efficiency and flexibility of my procurement team?
  • I have an outsourced procurement program but I need to increase my ROI. What steps should I take?
Strategic Challenges
Tactical Challenges
  • Should I invest in additional due diligence to determine if procurement outsourcing is a fit for me?
  • I have a skill gap in my existing team that I cannot seem to fill. Should I use an external service provider to fill the gap?
  • The performance indicators I am using to manage my procurement service provider appear to be driving the wrong behaviors. Should I use different metrics instead?
  • I need to save an additional $2M in savings from my outsourced procurement program. Where should I focus?

The opportunity that strategic procurement outsourcing presents differs based on the size and scale of each client.

Small Cap

Capability Building

Companies can lever as-a-service solutions to build procurement technology and process infrastructure.

Firms can access previously out of reach expertise, on-demand, to manage impactful and strategic areas of spend.

Mid Cap


Companies can lever the depth and breadth of strategic capabilities for the first time.

Those who already invest in strategic procurement can now access subject matter expertise in areas that do not have the scale to justify full time hires.

Large Cap


Targeted solutions enable companies to fill knowledge gaps on-demand, with the flexibility to scale as needed.

Organizations can lever their scale to drive savings and reduce risk by outsourcing the management of previously untouched non-core spend.

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